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     Each Pee Wee Folks is a unique preschool that has evolved to meet the needs of the community that it serves. All of the schools are licensed. Our Whitestone, Queens location is licensed by the NYC Dept. of Health, Bureau of Daycare and is contracted with the NYC Department of Education to provide Universal Pre- K services. Our Long Island schools are licensed by the NYS Office of Children and Family Services.


     The needs of our communities are constantly changing, so Pee Wee Folks changes to meet those needs. Our hours are structured to offer families many different options to meet their daycare needs. We do accept DSS and ACD Vouchers.  We have been a Universal Preschool Community-based provider in our Whitestone location since the inception of Universal Pre-K in Queens. 


     In addition to Preschool classes, we offer an after-school program, which serve our neighboring elementary schools. Bus service from schools to our centers provide children with a safe, fun and enjoyable place to spend hours after school is done and parents are still at work. Homework assistance, sports activities, arts and crafts, games, outdoor play and of course, healthy snacks are waiting for your children when they arrive.


     Pee Wee Folks is not a franchise day care. We are small enough to maintain that personal at home feeling in which all of our directors and staff take a tremendous amount of pride in our centers and in our programs. We are reachable, and listen to our families needs and concerns as navigate through Covid-19.  We are all just a phone call away if you should have any questions or concerns. Come and experience the difference!


  • Our curriculum uses a thematic unit format to introduce children to a variety of topics. We use both a whole language and phonetic approach to literacy. Author studies provide an interesting and fun way for children to learn different types of literature or poetry.

  • Our classes explore the artistic styles of famous artists such as Picasso or Monet and then are encouraged to create their own works of art.

  • Science is introduced through hands on experimentation. We then teach children how to chart and document their findings.


  • Math is an integral part of the learning experience and is introduced and woven into daily activities.


  • Foreign languages are also introduced in our curriculum.

Classrooms are arranged into learning centers such as Housekeeping, Blocks, Computer, Writing Center, Science, Math and many more.  This enables the children to explore and use their imaginations throughout their free play or “Center Time”.

  • Music and Gym are a welcome addition to your child’s day. During Music class, children will sing, dance and explore rhythms through different types of music and instruments. Gym will include all types of floor games, parachute play, relay races and all types of activities which help children to develop their gross motor skills. A visit to our outdoor playground is always a welcome activity for our children as well!

  • Special Events : Each month brings a new special event to our schools. Green Eggs and Ham Day, Junior Architects Day or Crazy Hat Day are just some of the fun events that occur regularly in our classrooms. These events are tied to a thematic unit that we are working on in our curriculum and provide a fun and exciting day for students and staff!

Support Services: There are times when children may have difficulty in certain areas or may show developmental delays. It is our job as early educators to recognize if a child is having a problem and offer support and guidance to our families. We work closely with our school districts in helping parents to obtain the necessary evaluations and services their children may require. It is important to us that each child in our care is given every opportunity to succeed.

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