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Welcome to Pee Wee Folks  Lindenhurst!


     Believing that children's minds are like little sponges, we feel that offering many different "hands on" learning activities builds a strong foundation.  Our Curriculum is designed with the NYS Common Core learning standards in mind. It is eclectic and thematic based.  Children are introduced to a variety of topics.

Our experienced teaching staff incorporates individual

extensions monthly to further develop curriculum ideas.


     Each month parents will receive a calendar and newsletter outlining themes, activities and upcoming events. Progress reports are issued twice a year and parent teacher conferences are available.

The Three year old curriculum focuses on building strong academic, social and emotional foundations for your children. Through a variety of themes, such as letters, numbers, shapes, colors, seasons, holidays, families, cooking and literature units, we reinforce knowledge across the curriculum. Your child's

entire school experience has continuity throughout the day, connecting all subject areas together to create the building blocks for learning. 

The Four Year old curriculum is alphabet and arithmetic based: incorporating many interesting and relevant themes such as seasonal awareness, geography, animal habitats, time and spacial concepts, scientific experimentation and emergent literacy. Handwriting without Tears and Mathematics Without Tears are implemented. 


Social and Emotional Growth

     The classrooms at Pee Wee Folks provide many opportunities for children to develop their social skills. Throughout the day, there is a balance between academic lessons and social interactions between peer groups. 

  • Sufficient space is provided so that children may work comfortably in small and large groups. 

  • Teachers guide children in asserting themselves within their peer groups and therefore learn to solve problems independently. Moral development goes hand and hand with social growth and conflict solving (particularly concerning issues of fairness) and is an important goal within our curriculum. With the teachers guidance, children learn to cope with disappointment and frustration and therefore internalize self control.

  • The classrooms are arranged into learning centers, such as Math Center, Science Center, Art Center and Social Studies.  Other learning centers are Sensory Center, Computer Center, Manipulatives and Housekeeping.  New Centers are introduced on a monthly basis.


  •   The classrooms are kept bright, cheerful and stocked with an inviting array of "hands-on" activities.

  • Music and Movement are interwoven into our classroom activities.

We have a large fenced-in outdoor playground with a variety of climbing equipment for large gross motor skills.  The children use the yard on a daily basis, weather permitting. 

Kidz Konnection  
5-12 years

Kidz Konnection is our before and after-school program for school-aged children 5-12.  We provide a safe, nurturing, fun environment for your child.  Children do homework under supervision, have a snack and enjoy a variety of activities.


Transportation to and from our facility  is arranged through the Lindenhurst school district.

Summer Camp

Camp Pee Wee Non-Traveling

2.9 - 4.9 yrs


Camp Pee Wee Non-Traveling offers an exciting experience for campers ages 2.9 - 4.9. Our day consists of outdoor play, sprinklers, arts and crafts and more.  Every week has a special theme such as Western, Carnival and Tropical Paradise.  We also have other special events including magic shows, fun bus and face painting. 

Traveling Camp 
Camp Pee Wee (4.9-7yrs)
   Kidz Kamp (8-12yrs)

Our days are spent traveling around Long Island and Queens enjoying all the favorite spots, including:

  • Atlantis Marine World

  • Bowling

  • Adventureland

  • NY Hall of Science

  • Broadhollow Theater

  •  Tiki Action Park

  • Vanderbilt Planetarium

  • Local parks and more.


Special Camp Pee Wee trips include Chuck-E Cheese and Harbor Habitat at the Waterfront Center.

Special Kidz Kamp trips include Splish Splash and sailing at the Water Front Center. 

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