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Come and visit us!  Premier Preschool in Whitestone open since 1981

PeeWee Folks Whitestone Programs

Social and Emotional Growth

  • The classrooms at Pee Wee Folks provide many  opportunities for children to develop their social skills.  Throughout the day, there is a balance between academic lessons and social interactions between peer groups. 

  • Sufficient space is provided so that children may work comfortably in both small and large groups. 

  • Teachers guide children in asserting themselves within their peer group and therefore learn to solve problems independently. 

  • Moral development goes hand-in-hand with social growth and conflict solving (particularly concerning issues of fairness) and is an important goal within our curriculum. 

  • With the teachers guidance, children learn to cope with disappointment and frustration and, therefore, internalize self-control. 

  • Our curriculum is designed using thematic units so that children may explore different concepts and topics. All classes enjoy special events throughout the year.  These events may tie into the curriculum or may be just for fun!

  • Literature is always a major part of our classrooms as well.

  • Hands on learning centers provide students many opportunities for exploration!


Toddler Program

A personalized program is created for each toddler in our care.  Small groups, one on one care and individualized attention creates a home away from home atmosphere for your little one.

  • Classrooms provide spacious activity areas for exploration and discovery. 

  • Music and movement play, as well as hands on activities are implemented daily to help foster the development of gross motor and fine motor skills.

  • Our program is structured to meet the developmental, social and emotional needs of growing and changing toddlers.

3-K  Program

 Believing that children's minds are like little sponges, we feel that offering many different "hands on" learning activities builds a strong foundation.  Our Curriculum aligns with the NYCDOE Explorations curriculum for three year olds.  In addition, we have added a unique "Outdoor Classroom" experience.  Students take the learning outdoors and use nature as the classroom.  This type of program encourages open-ended learning, creativity and critical thinking! Use of our huge outdoor space allows us to experience many hands on activities!


     Each month parents will receive a calendar and newsletter outlining themes, activities and upcoming events. Progress reports are issued twice a year and parent teacher conferences are available.

The Three year old curriculum focuses on building strong academic, social and emotional foundations for your children. Through a variety of themes, such as letters, numbers, shapes, colors, seasons, holidays, families, cooking and literature units, we reinforce knowledge across the curriculum. Your child's entire school experience has continuity throughout the day, connecting all subject areas together to create the building blocks for learning. 

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Integrated Services

Integrated Services for Students 

If your child has an IEP or has shown signs that extra help may be needed, we can facilitate the process of obtaining support services.  We work with families and help you through the evaluation process.  Once services are determined, we then work with your child's therapist to set a schedule where children may receive their therapies both in and out of the classroom. 

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The Universal Pre-K classrooms at PeeWee Folks offers students a rich and engaging curriculum comprised of thematic units, author studies, scientific exploration and an array of hands on activities.  The Pre-K  for All program is designed with an emphasis on developing the whole child. 

  • Classrooms are equipped with learning centers focused on thematic units. They are integrated into our learning centers to encourage further examination and discussion amongst their peers.  Conversation between students and teachers take place to encourage children to “think” at a higher level then to just respond. 

  • The year is full with special events, author studies, artist studies, scientific exploration and a wide array of interesting and challenging activities. 

  • Each child will be challenged so they will grow both academically and emotionally.

  • We use the "Building Blocks" math curriculum to provide students with an engaging and challenging mathematical foundation.


Assessment is an ongoing part of our program.  Students are evaluated upon entry to the program. 

Our curriculum is designed with the NYS Common Core learning standards in mind. 


Extended Day Program

Pee Wee Folks offers extended days and early drop off for students enrolled in our programs.  If needed please inquire with the school.

Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp offers fun filled days and run from two to eight weeks. Your child's experience will be filled with sunshine, water play, arts and crafts and more. You may also customize your child's schedule based upon your needs.

  • Ages 2-4: PeeWee Folks offers water play, games and activities such as arts and crafts.  Every week has a special theme!

  • Ages 5-9: We offer a on-site program where the action doesn't stop.  Theme weeks, special events, outdoor play in our fabulous playground keep our kids busy and happy!


Your child is guaranteed a fun and action packed Summer!

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