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Our Staff

The Pee Wee Folks teaching team is made up of dedicated professionals that have the necessary certifications to teach in their classrooms. Each center requires all staff to obtain CPR and First Aid certifications as well. In addition, some of our staff are MAT certified. This certification qualifies those individuals to administer medication at their site should the need arise. 

Each school maintains their own policy regarding the administration of medicine. Please check with the Director of your school should you need to have medicine administered.

Our staff attends workshops and monthly meetings to share ideas and learn new ways of keeping our classrooms interesting and challenging. By keeping in touch with local schools and maintaining relationships with former Pee Wee Families we are able to track the progress and high achievements of our Graduates. And after 39 years in our communities, that is a lot of graduates!

Staff turnover at our schools is very low with many of our staff having been with us for over 8 years.

When you visit one of our schools you will see the love and dedication that each of our teachers bring to their classrooms. It is important to us that teachers be given every opportunity to grow, explore their creativity and make their classroom their own. We believe that it is this philosophy that keeps our classrooms evolving, our curriculum challenging and our Pee Wee's happy. We view our teachers, staff and students as a family. When you enroll your child in our school you become part of the Pee Wee Family!


Michele Gembressi Whitestone
Karen Reinah  Lindenhurst
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